Talking Technology for Intelligent Cities

On Wednesday September 12th, First Gulf CEO David Gerofksy joined a diverse panel of experts to explore the topic of “Technology for Intelligent Cities” at The Globe and Mail’s Innovation Summit.

Seated in the 17th-floor Event space of The Globe and Mail Centre, David spoke to how First Gulf integrates the latest technologies for commercial development. Both for individual building performance and experience, such as the The Globe and Mail Centre and 25 Ontario ­– as well as on a district scale, such as at East Harbour­, the company is exploring a number of new opportunities available today.

David shared that “We are not in the technology business, but we want to utilize data and technology as tools to create well-designed and comfortable spaces for people.” David spoke to strategies for incorporating autonomous vehicles, the latest in intelligent building interface, automated waste distribution systems and multi modal transportation options. When asked about what the future hold, David responded, “No one has a crystal ball. What we can do is design spaces so that they are flexible enough to change and adapt as we need them to.

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